The “Letters from Santa” scam

Dear WAHFAQ, I was talking with some mom friends the other day and they told me about this service that provides letters from Santa for your kids for the holidays. It seems sketchy to me. Have you heard of it?

I search the web fairly frequently for any new scams that may be making the rounds. During the holiday season, the “Letters from Santa” scam is prevalent in various lists of seasonal scams. But what is it exactly?

There are various companies and individuals who will charge you, (probably around $19.99) to receive your kid’s letter from Santa, and send you a personal reply. Some companies deliver, some don’t. But to label this concept as an ongoing scam is completely false in my opinion.

When I was a kid, we had “976” telephone numbers…you know the kind, where you pay a fee (usually for about $1.99 a minute) to hear a joke, a story, or yes, even talk to Santa. I actually remember using it once to talk to Santa, (with my mom’s permission, of course) and being fairly disappointed that it was a pre-recorded message. But was it a scam? Of course not. They provided a service that we (OK, my mom) paid for.

Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t fraudsters who will use this idea to take your money and not deliver. But I don’t believe it’s inherently a scam. You probably could choose to write a note as Santa to your kids and save yourself the money. For example, my Grandfather would answer our letters to Santa in great detail, including giving a run-down of the health and activities of each reindeer, and I hold these letters as some of my most precious memories of him. But again, should you pay for this service, and actually get what you receive, it’s not a scam.

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