Home Business Profile: Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic (Food and Beverage) www.MyBeyondOrganic.com Beyond Organic is the passion project of owner Jordan Rubin, who believes that we have lost our connection to the land. Where our ancestors used to drink water from unblemished springs and eat food they could grow themselves, today we rely on chemical-laden tap water and food processed to an unrecognizable form. Jordan’s vision is to alter that dynamic by reconnecting individuals to the ultimate source of health—food and water from land preserved by nature. The best part? Beyond Organic is a direct selling company, so anyone can be involved. Whether you just want Read More…

Home Business Profile: Xocai (CLOSED)

Xocai (Food Products) CLOSED  Xoçai started out as a healthy chocolate combining dark Belgain chocolate with Açai and Blueberries. In 2017, they were acquired by Well-Beyond, LLC. *** If you’re interested in running your own business, but want to cut down on the learning curve, consider running your own “mini-franchise” and check out our other Home Business listings, and learn how to evaluate a business opportunity.