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Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (11/18)

“The Work at Home Training Program” by Bethany Mooradian is an excellent guide for those new to the workforce or those who are just tired of “working for the man” and wants to branch out on their own. Who is that “man” anyway? Gained from her years of experience working for herself (though in her introduction she actually calls it “the random job lifestyle”), the wealth of information provided in this book is priceless to someone just beginning their own entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve all seen the ads, “Work from Home – Make a Bazillion Dollars” (or something along those lines), and quite honestly the lure is strong enough to make one forget the all-important adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…” Mooradian covers this type of hype in Part I: Techniques of Scammers and Common Scams. This section alone is worth buying the book. I learned so much and can’t wait to go and check some of these items out for myself, such as learning how to break down a domain name to test its validity. Especially interesting to me was the chapter on common job-related scams, such as envelope stuffing. In the examples Mooradian discusses, she urges the reader to put themselves in the employer’s place and use logic to determine whether or not something is a scam. In the case of envelope stuffing, she notes, “Why would anyone pay anyone $1 to $4 per envelope just to stuff it?” (p. 57). It doesn’t make sense. But it does makes sense to research anything that doesn’t quite sound legitimate.

In Part II: Making Money, Mooradian discusses quick ways to make some fast cash along with some specific ideas on how to utilize your creative skills to score some freelance work. There are so many options out there – use your gifts! Part III: Flexible Jobs at Home or On-site, and Part IV: The Business of Business, offers invaluable information on finding a company to work for, how to become a successful “home-based” employee, the ins and outs of being a contract employee, income taxes, health insurance, you name it, it’s covered in these sections.

While it’s hard to say one section is better than another, the grand prize is in Part V: Resources. Now, let me make sure you understand up front: there are loads of resources listed throughout the book – I’ve never seen such detailed information in a reference of this type. Wrapping things up in a tidy reference section, the number of specific websites she notes in the resource section is mind-boggling. So. Much. Information!

I highly recommend “The Work at Home Training Program” by Bethany Mooradian. She has a clear, concise writing style that is easy to comprehend and follow, and is written in plain English, not some jargon you need a PhD to understand. This is likely a book you will refer to often. One that will be dog-eared and well-used over the years.

Reader Reviews for The Work at Home Training Program


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