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I’ve been looking for a customer service job, and I saw this online. It seems a little too good to be true. $18/hr is pretty high in my area. What do you think?


I am willing to bet that this ad is marketing a MLM/Direct Sales opportunity. Let’s explore some of the language in this ad:

“The work involves, fun, laid-back presentations with our customers, either face-to-face or done virtually….”

This reminds me all too well of my time selling Rainbows. The company would NEVER say that we were doing sales, it was always “presentations” with customers.

“There’s no knocking on doors or cold-calling involved.”

Because, chances are, you’re required to start with your friends and family. What they consider “warm leads”. I’m guessing this company may have a few campaigns or run ads to find customers, which you’re then asked to follow up with. Because the customer has already expressed interest, they’re considered a warm lead. But, what you may not realize is that the customer may have expressed interest in something totally different! With Rainbow, they “gave away” a weekend getaway if a prospect listened to the presentation. (Much like time-share presentations!)

“The pay starts at $18/hr base-appt”

This language seems a bit confusing. But basically, they’re saying that you’re going to get $18/hr, per appointment booked. When I was in Rainbow, they paid hourly up to a certain number of appointments booked. Once you reached the threshold, they assumed you had enough experience to work on commission only.

“Let me be clear on this point: that is a flat rate, not based on sales or commissions. Some conditions apply.”

Yeah, I can guess what the conditions are: the flat rate applies for a limited time. Then it flips over to commission-only.

“There are no benefits as this is an entry level position.”

Actually, there are no benefits because you’re paid as an independent contractor. Real customer service jobs, even if they’re entry level, have some kind of benefits: paid time off, vacation, sick leave…etc. Some states require that businesses pay these benefits to employees! But if you’re an independent contractor, you don’t get any kind of benefits.

“Hours are 100% Flexible: days/evenings/weekends/part time/&more”

That’s because you’re (a) an independent contractor and (b) probably required to find your own customers!

Verdict: While this ad isn’t necessarily a scam, it isn’t promoting a job in the traditional sense. I’ve had success with MLMs as have many others, but that’s a business opportunity, not a job. Make sure you understand what is required to get started before taking the leap!

Good luck!

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