Random Question Round-Up – February 2019

We here at Work at Home FAQ love answering your questions about working from home, avoiding scams, self-employment, and mystery shopping. Sometimes, the questions we get are very thoughtful and help others find much-needed information. Other times, we get random emails that don’t really follow a standard question/answer flow…or just don’t match with our usual content.

Rather than ignore those questions (after all, they came from real humans!) we’ll address these monthly in our Random Question Round-up!

It’s our hope that by posting these questions to help our readers craft more concise questions that are easier to answer and can benefit the community as a whole.

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Sophieja23

  1. jobs Ummm….that’s not really a question…
  2. jobs? Better…but we’re still not quite sure what you’re asking here.
  3. legitimate work at home jobs Ok, are you asking if there are legitimate work at home jobs? Yep! There are. Check out the Work at Home FAQ for more info.
  4. how to get started Well, that kind of depends on what you want to get started on! Do you want to run a business out of your home? Or do you want to work for someone else out of your home? Or do you want an on-site job that has flexible hours? What skills do you have that employers will pay for? What are you willing to learn? What kind of technology to you have available if you want to set up a home office?
  5. What are the parameters you operate by Bethany is a work-at-home advice columnist. She answers questions regarding work at home jobs, avoiding scams, self-employment, and mystery shopping. She posts those questions and answers – always anonymously – on the website, Youtube, and social media. Think of her as the “Dear Abby” for the work-at-home world. Bethany does not give personal consultations…she is not a career coach or job placement agency. She just answers questions based on her 20+ years being self-employed to help others do the same.
  6. Are you represented by the B.B.B ? No…we don’t pay for a BBB listing. (Yes, you have to pay to be listed by the BBB) The BBB is for companies that deliver products and services. We run a website that delivers information (for free, btw) and we’re not one of those obnoxious “gurus” that sell $5000 courses or mentoring programs. We don’t provide job coaching or resume services or job placement. We have two books on Amazon that sell for $20 each, two classes on Udemy that go for around $50, and in-person classes through local (Seattle) colleges that range from $60-80. Other than that we run advertisements on the website. We don’t offer mentoring programs or other services that are BBB rateable. I’m not sure exactly what they would be rating…Bethany’s writing or teaching style? It’s like asking the BBB to rate your History or Geometry professor.
  7. Your hair is pretty. What do you use? Thank you! I (Bethany) use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and only wash my hair once or twice a week. (Curly hair can’t handle much more than that…dries it out!) Every now and again, I’ll use Redken’s Anti-Snap to help tame frizz.
  8. Do you still make puppets or perform? Yes! On occasion…Here are some photos of recent builds for A Christmas Carol:

    Jacob Marley loses his head

    Edwina Scrooge and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (aka Gary)

Edwina Scrooge and The Ghost of Christmas Present (aka Matilda)

The Ghost of Christmas Past (aka Emily)


That’s all the random questions for this month! If you want your work at home, self-employment, mystery shopping, or scam question answered, just ask and we may feature it in an upcoming article or video!

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