Is this Mystery Shopping assignment worth my time?

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I recently received an email from a company for this assignment:

Mystery Shoppers are needed in the NEW YORK cities listed below for BANK SHOPS. Payment is  $20 and requires an inquiry for a new checking or savings account. Shops may NOT be done on Saturday, or after 5pm.  Assignments are due before June 26. An online 2-page report will need to be completed with detailed comments regarding your experience.

Manhattan              Binghamton             Westfield            Rochester         Albany

Do you think it’s worth the fee they’re giving? Thanks!

There are many factors to consider whether the assignment is worth your time, and even after taking one that looks good, you may find that it really wasn’t worth it!  Sometimes trial and error is necessary to figure out if a company has good compensation.

What you want to think about is the distance from your house to the location.  Is it right down the street, or will you have to drive 30 minutes to get there?  The offer states that you’ll be inquiring on a new checking or savings account, which means you’ll actually be on location for about 10-15 minutes, including waiting for an associate, (as long as its not horribly busy.)  The form they’ve described is 2 pages, (not too long) but wants detailed information.  This means you’ll be writing narratives, typically about 3-4 sentences per section.

So, we can determine from this offer that you’ll be spending about an hour on the assignment.  This is the time for filling out the form and talking with an associate.  (If you type fast, maybe even shorter) As long as your drive time isn’t too horribly long, you should be making more than $10 an hour.  If you can pick up more assignments in that area on that day, or have errands that require you to be in that area anyway, it starts looking even better.

It is my personal opinion that as long as you make a minimum of around $12-15 an hour…especially if you can group that with other shops in the area…the assignment is worth it. Let’s face it, Mystery Shopping isn’t rocket science, and that’s a fair amount for what you’re doing.

Good luck, and Happy Shopping!


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