Is Rexair (Rainbow) a Scam?


Someone told me that you used to sell Rainbow Vacuums.  I’ve been thinking about doing it. Is Rexair a scam?  Is it legitimate?  What was your experience?


Yes, it’s true, I used to sell Rainbows.  Well, OK, I sold Rainbow.

Behold the beautiful water-trap Rainbow vacuum!

And no, they’re not a scam.  Rexair is the company that manufactures the Rainbow vacuum and they’ve been around since the 60’s or so.  They’re a Direct Sales company, which means you’ll be selling the Rainbow directly to customers, not retail outlets.

Because of this, Rainbows are hella expensive.  When I was working there, they were about $2000.  Now, I hear they’re around $3000!  You’ll only be allowed to do in-home demonstrations, and your marketing is severely restricted.  We actually went door to door to “register” people to win a free vacation. (hint: everyone won)  In order to claim the prize, the winner would then have to sit through a demonstration of the Rainbow.

Yep…marketing techniques from the 1960’s too!

In this current economy, it will be a challenge for you to be successful with Rainbow. Granted, I don’t know their current marketing guidelines, so they may have come into the 21st century.  But since people can find used Rainbows fairly easily now, the incentive to buy new isn’t what it used to be.

There is no cost to get started, which is pretty rare with a Direct Sales company, but you may have a hard time convincing people to buy $3000 vacuums. No matter how awesome they are. (And yes, they are!)

I recommend that you look into some other Direct Sales companies for better commission structures, recession-friendly products, and more lenient marketing techniques.  If sales is your thing, then you shouldn’t have a problem finding a company you fit in with!


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9 Replies to “Is Rexair (Rainbow) a Scam?”

  1. Jason Bow

    It’s not true they have been around since the 60’s I all actuality the company started in 1936 and ALL their products are made in the good old USA, in Michigan and like someone else said. IT doesn’t cost you a dime to get started, they provide training, and all the products, you have to do demos and are on a commission based pay, the more you sell the more you make. And as far as selling them in this economy, don’t worry I just sold 5 this month part time and I live in south central Kentucky. You can make a lot of money in this business if you want to put in the time. It is not hard to do, sell yourself, do a great demo and the Rainbow will sell itself. Hope this helps

  2. Amber Hall

    I do this now and love it. Definitely not a scam. No upfront fee’s, they supply everything. I make about 4-6k a month.

  3. Stephanie

    My ex-husband does this and he does not pay child support how do I find out how much she earns from your company

    • Work at Home FAQ Post author

      I don’t know that that’s possible without a court order, Stephanie. If he works for a direct sales company like Rainbow, most likely he’s an independent contractor, not an employee, so I’m not sure how wage garnishing would work to get the money you’re owed. You may be able to potentially garnish tax returns, but you need to seek legal help. I’m not an attorney so I really can’t advise you on this. Do a google search for “child support legal aid” and your city, and you may be able to find some pro-bono (free), or reduced fee help. Good luck!

    • Amber Hall

      It’s kinda like small buisness each person makes their money then files taxes on what they make. It’s not a normal pay where taxes comes out of your check every month. He’s getting checks from a distributor, it’s kinda like contact work

  4. Sandra Clubb

    Rexair is an excellent company and they make a super fabulous product that does what is is supposed to and more (because at first you don’t believe it.)

    I bought my first rainbow in 1997 and bought a new one in 2017 (one for home and one for my office).

    • Work at Home FAQ Post author

      I love them too, Sandra! I just wish they weren’t so expensive…I’d get one for all my friends and family!

  5. Janie Marks

    Regarding Rainbow Vacuum, I sold @800-900 in the 8 years that I worked as a sales rep. I was paid commission and loved my job. They first came out in 1936 and are made in Cadillac, Michigan.
    No they aren’t a scam. You need to go through an authorized distributor to purchase as you need to learn how to properly use and care for the equipment. Hope this helps!
    Janie M.


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