Is CashCrate a Scam?

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UPDATE: As of April 1st 2019, CashCrate will be closing operations after 13 years in business. They will be sending their current registrants to their partner, Swagbucks, (also listed in The Work at Home Training Program). You can read their announcement here: CashCrate Closing Operations.



Have you heard of  Do you think it’s a scam?  I’ve been thinking about joining, but I’m not sure if it’s real or not.  Can you help me out?

Ah, yes…Cashcrate.  They’re one of the more popular “get paid to try” companies out there. In short answer: No, they’re not a scam.  However, the method in which you earn income is a bit tricky, and frankly, for what you’re getting paid, I wouldn’t recommend them.

Basically, you’re playing the rebate game.  You sign up to try out an offer for free for 30 days. As an incentive to try out the offer, you’ll get a small rebate, like $0.75, or even $1-2.

At the end of 30 days, your credit card will then be billed each month a fee to keep using the product.  So, of course, you need to cancel before then in order not to be billed.  Can you make money?  Yes.  Not a lot, and you have to be super organized to stay on top of your billing otherwise one charge can knock out all that you “earned.”

You’ll see various opinions all over the web claiming that Cashcrate is legit and others claiming Cashcrate is a scam.  The people who claim it’s legitimate are those who are making money and probably haven’t yet forgotten to cancel one of their offers yet. The people who claim it’s a scam probably forgot to cancel an offer, got billed, and are now annoyed with the whole process.

While I do list them in The Work at Home Training Program, (after all they do actually pay if you follow the rules) in my opinion, there are a lot of other ways you can make money. If you have extra time and you’re pretty organized, great, but don’t expect a lot of income from them.


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