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Today, Univera is the central piece of a large global organization, but in the beginning it was one man with a vision. The man was Yunho Lee, a successful Korean businessman.

Mr. Lee had long suffered from poor health and found no relief in conventional medicine. When he learned more about the properties of the aloe vera plant, he tried taking the juice and the result was, in his words, “a miraculous recovery.” After experiencing the miraculous power of Aloe, Mr. Lee became focused on a single vision: to bring the best of nature to humankind.

He used his financial success to invest in exploring the ethno-botanical properties of the plant kingdom. His goal was to discover more about the connection between the medicinal power of nature’s bounty and the body’s incredible power of renewal and to bring that power to the world. He had no idea of how successful he’d be.

His team of scientists made discovery after discovery, each more compelling than the last. Science validated what his own experience had made clear — with the help of certain bioactive compounds found in nature, the human body had the ability to revitalize and renew itself.

And the phenomenon that is Univera grew from the seed he planted over three decades ago to a global network comprising farms, R&D laboratories, manufacturing and distribution. Lee committed himself to creating a company with the tools, expertise and resources to unlock the amazing secrets hiding inside of nature’s bounty.

The results have changed countless lives, bringing more vitality, prosperity and purpose to thousands.


This information is taken directly from the company’s website to avoid misrepresenting them in any way.

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