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Team National (Health and Wellness)

We are a family owned business that began back in 1997. Team National continues to thrive by helping people earn, while helping people save. Our corporate philosophy is based on servant leadership. Our team is unified and committed to helping you achieve success. We believe in helping you achieve your personal and financial goals and inspire your dreams. Our team is here to support you as a customer and a business partner. Yet, we often say our Independent Marketing Directors and customers are more like extended family. I definitely feel that is true, we have great people!

Our membership savings has continued to grow and evolve since inception and has tremendous value. We are partnered with industry leaders to provide you with quality and excellence. We also have a consumable nutritional line designed by a top of the line US manufacturer with quality ingredients. The variety of our products & and our savings truly makes our membership program applicable to everyone. Our optional earnings program gives those that choose to market our membership a terrific secondary or primary income. We also have proven marketing tools to help your business grow. 


This information is taken directly from the company’s website to avoid misrepresenting them in any way.

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