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Franchising is a great way to get residual income. You can purchase plans for a Wendy’s, Quizno’s, or UFC, follow the plan, hire some people, and move on to the next franchise while earning residual income all the while.

That is, if you can afford the hefty $250,000+ franchise fee, (and yearly fees!) to get the business going.

For those of us who are normal, average, everyday folk, mini-franchising opportunities are available through Direct Sales companies. Not only are the start up costs reasonable, (Most average less than $500) you’ll receive support and guidance within an established system. You’ll be able to bring in others who are interested in working the business and as a result also earn income off of their sales as well. (Residual Income!) In time, you might just be able to live off of your residuals, and forego the working of your business.

Below you will find the different types of industries served within the Home Based Business realm. Decide your passion, and read through the company description and the rep’s interviews. We believe that not only should you believe in the company, but also trust in the people who will train you about the business. After all, you are putting your financial freedom in their hands.

You can explore specific industries below, as well as a fairly comprehensive listing of companies.

Good luck!

Direct Sales MLM Bath and BodyIndustry: Bath and Body

Why you should explore this industry:

These companies have created wonderful products, most of which are based in natural ingredients, to help nourish and protect our skin. If you know people who bathe, you’ll have an easy time finding customers.

MLM Direct Sales BeautyIndustry: Beauty and Cosmetics

Why you should explore this industry:

The Beauty industry is a multi-BILLION dollar a year industry. There is always need for facial skin care products, cosmetics, nail care, body care, sun protection and fragrances. Whether you’re in college, or nearing retirement, you know you’ve used these types of products, and now you can make money by selling the products you love!

Direct Sales MLM Health and WellnessIndustry: Health and Wellness

Why you should explore this industry:

With the influx of toxins in the air we breathe and water we drink, it has become imperative that we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves. These companies have nutritional products to help boost immunity, promote weight loss, and encourage overall health. We all know that the health-care industry in America is not good. There are hundreds of thousands of people who cannot afford their prescriptions, or basic health care needs like eye and dental care. There are companies that provide services which reduce the cost of everyday health care, so that we all can live a well-balanced life. With the “baby-boomer” generation retiring, and an influx of interest in healthy-living, this is definitely an industry with a growing customer base.

Direct Sales MLM Business productsIndustry: Business Products and Services

Why you should explore this industry:

There is an old story that the “gold rush” in American created many wealthy people…no not the ones who mined for gold, but the ones who had the foresight to sell the shovels and buckets. By becoming a part of the “business to business” industry, you’ll have nearly unlimited customers to buy your services.

Direct Sales MLM Home productsIndustry: Home Products

Why you should explore this industry:

From candles to storage containers to greeting cards, these products help people get organized and enhance the “welcoming” feeling of “home.”

Direct Sales MLM craft productsIndustry: Craft Products

Why you should explore this industry:

These products are ideal for those who like to preserve memories, and have delightful hobbies. From scrapbooking to stamping, and anything in-between, these companies provide great tools and resources.

Direct Sales MLM Pet ProductsIndustry: Pet Products

Why you should explore this industry:

Many people have pets, some more than one! The Pet industry is great for repeat business, as animals always need food, treats, and bedding.

Direct Sales MLM jewelryIndustry: Jewelry

Why you should explore this industry:

Who doesn’t like to receive jewelry as a gift, or even to treat ourselves for some event? The jewelry industry is HUGE, and you can capitalize on it’s success by joining as a rep with one of these companies!

Direct Sales MLM ClothingIndustry: Clothing and Accessories

Why you should explore this industry:

Unless the aliens do come down from outer space and declare that we have to dress in those horrible silver suits, people will always need clothes. This is a great industry to get into, because styles are always changing, and people are always in need of something new, be it a purse or sweater.

Direct Sales MLM telecommunicationsIndustry: Telecommunications

Why you should explore this industry:

The telecommunications industry is huge. Who doesn’t have a phone in this day and age? And now, its even more common for people to have cell phones too! We’re always looking for ways to save money on our phone bills, so why not get on the other side, and start making some money?

Direct Sales MLM kid friendly productsIndustry: Kid-friendly Products

Why you should explore this industry:

People keep having kids. It’s just the way life goes. You can make very good income by selling educational products, toys, and children’s clothing. There is nearly an unlimited supply of customers for this industry!

Direct Sales MLM food productsIndustry: Food and Beverage Products

Why you should explore this industry:

Unless you’re Ghandi, you’re going to partake in sustenance every now and again. These companies capitalize on our need for nourishment with gourmet food, coffee, and treats. If you know people who eat, you’ll profit from this industry.

Direct Sales MLM faith productsIndustry: Faith-Based Products

Why you should explore this industry:

More people believe in a higher power than not, and there are companies out there who help spread the word of their faith through direct sales companies.

MLM Direct Sales adult and romance productsIndustry: Adult and Romance Products

Why you should explore this industry:

Remember how I mentioned that people keep having kids? Well, this industry enhances the method in which kids come into the world. From lingerie to toys to other erotic goods, you’ll have a lot of fun selling these wares. If you know people who…y’know…you can make a pretty darn good living.

Company Listings:

4Life — Health and Wellness
5Linx — Telecommunications
Abby + Anna — Women’s Clothing, Kid’s Clothing
ACN Inc — Telecommunications
Advocare — Health and Wellness
Aerus — Home Goods
Agnes and Dora — Women’s Clothing
Aihu — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Alice’s Table — Floral Arrangements
All Dazzle — Jewelry
Aloette Cosmetics — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Ambit Energy — Utilities
AMC — Cookware
AmeriPlan — Health and Wellness
Amway — Health and Wellness
Angela Moore — Jewelry
Arbonne International — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Aroma Couture — Jewelry and Aromatherapy
Ava Rose — Women’s Clothing
Avon — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Azuli Skye — Jewelry

Barefoot Books — Children’s Products
BeFragrant — Candles and Aromatherapy
Beauty Counter — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Beauty Society — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Become International — Health and Wellness
Bella Branch — Jewelry
Bella Vintaj — Jewelry
Beyond Organic — Organic food and beverage delivery
Black Box Cosmetics — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Body Shop at Home — Bath and body products
Body Wise — Health and Wellness
Boisset Collection — Wine
bonCook — Home Goods
Buskins — Women’s Clothing

Cabi — Women’s Clothing
Carico International — Home Goods
Carlisle — Women’s Clothing
Celadon Road — Health and Wellness
Chalky and Company — Chalk Paint
Charmsations — Jewelry
Chloe + Isabel — Jewelry
ClaudiaG Collection — Jewelry and Accessories
Clever Container — Home organization products
Close to My Heart — Scrapbooking and stamping
The Cocoa Exchange — Food and Beverage
Color by Amber — Jewelry
Compelling Creations — Faith-based Jewelry
Conklin — Agricultural Products
Creative Memories — Craft Products
CutCo — Home Goods

Damsel in Defense — Security
DeTech — Fire Security
Disciple’s Cross — Faith-based products
Discovery Toys — Educational toys
Do You Bake? — Food and Beverage
DoTERRA — Health and Wellness
Dudley Beauty Corp — Skin Care and Cosmetics
DuNorth Designs — Women’s Clothing

Ellie Kai — Women’s Clothing
Enagic — Water Treatment Systems
EndlessXpressions — Jewelry
Enzacta USA — Health and Wellness
Epicure Selections — Food and Beverage
Esbe Designs — Jewelry
Essential Bodywear — Lingerie and Sleepwear
Etcetera — Women’s Clothing
Ever — Skin Care

Fibi & Clo — Shoes and Accessories
Fifth Avenue Collection — Jewelry and Accessories
Flavon — Health and Wellness
For You — Health and Wellness
Forever Green — Energy Drinks
Forever Living — Health and Wellness
ForU International — Health Wellness
Fundanoodle — Children’s Products

Gano Excel — Food and Beverage
Global Domains International (GDI) — Website Domains
Global Health Trax — Health and Wellness
Gold Canyon — Candles and Aromatherapy
Gourmet Cupboard — Food and Beverage
Grace and Heart — Faith-Based Jewelry

H2O at Home — Bath and Body
Hanky Panky — Adult and Romance Products
Harmony Green — Food and Beverage
Harper’s Love — Jewelry
Health-Mor / Filter Queen — Air Filters
Herbalife — Health and Wellness
Heritage Makers — Craft Products
HTE USA — Health and Wellness

I Thought of You — Jewelry
Immunotec — Health and Wellness
In a Pikle — Security
India Hicks — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Initial Outfitters — Jewelry
Initials, Inc — Personalization Products
Isagenix — Health and Wellness
It Works — Fitness

J. Hilburn — Men’s Clothing
— Skin Care and Cosmetics
Jamberry — Nail Art
JBloom — Jewelry
Jerky Direct — Food and Beverage
Jeunesse — Skincare and Cosmetics
Jewel Scent — Candles and Jewelry
Jewelry Candles — Candles and Jewelry
John Amico Haircare — Hair Care Products
Jordan Essentials — Bath and Body
Juice Plus — Energy Drinks
Just Jewelry — Faith-Based Jewelry

Kaeser and Blair — Promotional Products
Kalypso TwisZ — Jewelry
Keep Collective — Jewelry
Kirby — Home Goods
Kookoon — Women’s Clothing
Kyani — Health and Wellness

L’Bel — Skincare and Cosmetics
L’Bri — Skincare and Cosmetics
La Senorita Jolie — Women’s Clothing
LaBella — Gift Baskets
Legal Shield — Legal Services
Lemongrass Spa Products — Bath and Body
Life Force — Health and Wellness
Life’s Abundance — Pet Products
Lifestyles USA — Health and Wellness
LifeVantage Corporation — Health and Wellness
LifeWave — Health and Wellness
Limu Company — Health and Wellness
Linen World — Home Goods
The Longaberger Company — Home Goods
LuLaRoe — Women’s Clothing

Magnabilities — Jewelry
Magnolia and Vine — Jewelry
Makeup Eraser — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Mannatech — Health and Wellness
Market America — Health and Wellness
Marly Ray — Jewelry
Mary and Martha — Faith-Based Home Goods
Mary Kay Cosmetics — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Matilda Jane — Women’s Clothing
Melaleuca — Health and Wellness
Modicare — Home Goods
Monat — Hair Care Products
Morinda — Health and Wellness
My Clique — Jewelry

Nature Unleashed — Home Goods
Nature’s Sunshine — Health and Wellness
Ndulge — Women’s Clothing
Nefful — Health and Wellness
NeoLife — Health and Wellness
Nerium International — Skin Care and Cosmetics
New Earth — Health and Wellness
Neways — Health and Wellness
NHT Global — Health and Wellness
Nikken — Health and Wellness
Noevir — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Noonday Collection — Jewelry
Northern Clover — Jewelry
Norwex — Home Goods
NuSkin — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Nygard Style — Women’s Clothing
Nyla and Noelle — Women’s Clothing
NYR Organic — Home Goods

OGO NY — Women’s Clothing
Optavia — Health and Wellness
Orenda International — Health and Wellness
Origami Owl — Jewelry

P!PHANY — Women’s Clothing
Pampered Chef — Home Goods
Paparazzi — Jewelry
Park Lane — Fashion Jewelry
Party Lite — Candles and Aromatherapy
PawTrees — Pet Products
Peach — Women’s Clothing
Peekaboo Beans — Children’s Products
People’s Way — Health and Wellness
Perfectly Posh — Bath and Body
Pierre Lang — Jewelry
Pink Zebra — Candles and Armoatherapy
Plexus — Health and Wellness
Plunder — Jewelry
PM International — Health and Wellness
POLA — Health and Wellness
Premier Designs — Jewelry
Primerica — Insurance
Princess House — Home Goods
Pure Romance — Adult and Romance Products
Purely — Essential Oils

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaning System — Home Goods
RBC Life — Health and Wellness
Red Rock — Home Goods
Reliv — Health and Wellness
RenaWare — Cookware
Restaurant.com — Gift Certificates
Revii — Health and Wellness
Rodan and Fields — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Royal Prestige — Cookware
Ruby Ribbon — Women’s Clothing

Saba — Health and Wellness
Sabika — Jewelry
Saladmaster — Home Goods
Sanki — Health and Wellness
Sas Spurilla — Jewelry
Scent-Sations/Mia Bella’s Candles — Candles and Aromatherapy
Scentsy — Candles and Aromatherapy
Send Out Cards — Greeting Cards
SeneGence International — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Shaklee — Health and Wellness
Shop Stevie — Women’s Clothing
Signature Homestyles — Home Goods
Silpada — Handcrafted Jewelry
Silver Icing — Women’s Clothing
Simply Fun — Children’s Products
Simply Said — Home Goods
Skinny Bodyware — Health and Wellness
Smart Circle International — Retail Marketing
Soul Purpose — Bath and Body
Southwestern Advantage — Children’s Products
Spa Sensations — Bath and Body
SQN Sport — Women’s Clothing
Sseko Designs — Jewelry and Accessories
Stampin’ Up — Craft Products
Steeped Tea — Food and Beverage
Stella and Dot — Jewelry
Style Dots — Jewelry
Sunrider International — Home Goods
Surprise Parties — Adult and Romance Products
Sweet Minerals — Skin Care and Cosmetics
SwissJust — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Synergy Worldwide — Health and Wellness

Talk Fusion — Telecommunications
Tara at Home — Home Goods
Tastefully Simple — Food and Beverage
Tealightful — Food and Beverage
Team Beachbody — Fitness
Team National — Home Goods
Thirty One Gifts — Purses and Accessories
Threads Worldwide — Jewelry and Accessories
Thrive Life — Food and Beverage
Tocara — Jewelry
Touchstone Crystal — Swarovski Crystals and Jewelry
Traci Lynn — Jewelry
Trades of Hope — Jewelry and Accessories
Traveling Vineyard — Wine
Trevo — Health and Wellness
Tristar — Home Goods
Tupperware — Home Goods

Undercover Wear — Adult and Romance Products
Unicity — Health and Wellness
Univera — Skin care and Cosmetics
USANA Health Sciences — Health and Wellness
Usborne Books — Children’s Products

Valentus — Health and Wellness
Vantel Pearls — Jewelry
viaONEHOPE — Wine
ViSalus — Fitness
VitaCraft — Home Goods
Vollara — Air Filters
Votre Vu — Beauty and Cosmetics
VOXX Life — Health and Wellness

W by Worth — Women’s Clothing
Watkins — Home Goods
Well-Beyond — Energy Drinks
Wildtree — Food and Beverage
Willing Beauty — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Wine Shop at Home — Wine

Yanbal — Jewelry
Yor Health — Health and Wellness
Young Living — Health and Wellness
Youngevity — Health and Wellness
Younique — Skin care and cosmetics
YTB International — Travel

Zermat International — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Zija — Essential Oils
ZinZino — Health and Wellness
Zrii — Health and Wellness
Zurvita — Health and Wellness

Image Courtesy of Artur84/FreeDigitalPhotos

Closed, but not forgotten!

Agel — Health and Wellness
A Perfect Party by Cody — Party packs for entertaining
Alpha Pet Products — Pet Products
Annasa International Corporation Health and Wellness
Azante Jewelry — Jewelry
Bella Handbags — Purses and Accessories
BellaRoma — Candles and Aromatherapy
Cello in a Box — Crafts and Gifts
Charmed Moments — Jewelry
Cognigen — Telecommunications
Cookie Lee — Jewelry
Commission River — Telecommunications
Dakomoda — Children’s Clothing
Edible Ecstasy — Adult and Romance Products
Elements Home Spa — Bath and Body
Energetix — Jewelry
Entertain with Ease — Home Goods
Fantasy Inc. — Adult and Romance Products
Fascinations — Adult and Romance Products
For Your Pleasure — Adult and Romance Products
Fortune High Tech Marketing — Telecommunications
Freelife — Health and Wellness (merged with Youngevity)
GNLD — Health and Wellness (merged with Neolife)
Homemade Gourmet — Food and Beverage (merged with Tastefully Simple)
Inspired Aroma — Food and Beverage
Inspiranza — Jewelry
Invisus — Security
I Remember When — Craft Products
Latasia — Jewelry
Lia Sophia — Jewelry
Lightyear Network Solutions — Telecommunications
Living Fresh Collection — Home Goods
Love Boutique — Adult and Romance Products
Man Cave — Home Goods
Marvalous — Health and Wellness
MPB Today — Home Goods
MemoryWorks — Craft Products
Miche Handbags — Purses and Accessories
MonaVie — Health and Wellness
Nature Rich / Fuel Direct — Health and Wellness (merged with Revii)
Nature’s of Scandinavia — Health and Wellness
Nest Family — Faith-Based Products
Numis Network — Collectible coins
Passion Parties — Adult and Romance Products (merged with Pure Romance)
ShurePets — Pet Products
Simply You — Jewelry
Slumber Parties — Adult and Romance Products (merged with Pure Romance)
Socialite Pink — Jewelry
Southern Living At Home — Home Goods
Sportron — Health and Wellness
Stream Energy — Utilities
Tahitian Noni — Health and Wellness (merged with Morinda)
Taste of Gourmet — Food and Beverage
Tyra Beauty — Skin Care and Cosmetics
Vitamark — Health and Wellness (merged with It Works)
Viridian — Utilities
White Lily Candles — Candles and Aromatherapy
World Book — Encyclopedias
XANGO — Health and Wellness (merged with Zija)
Xocai — Healthy Chocolate (merged with Well-Beyond)


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Think about all the extra money you could make by being a mystery shopper, starting your own business, or working from home for a legitimate company. Take control of your income and check out our LEARN page for a list of classes, books, and more!

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