Facebook Data Study Job Ad: Is it real or a scam?


I saw this ad, and I know you’ve mentioned focus groups before. Is this a legit job?

First of all, I want to make sure that you understand that this isn’t a job. It would be considered a gig. You won’t be hired by Facebook to work continually on this project. It’s a one-off type of thing.

Market research companies are continually looking for new participants in a variety of studies. This one just happens to involve Facebook. If a market research company has local field offices — where you actually have to show up at a specific date and time to do a study — they’re most assuredly legit. If they’re recruiting for an online study, research the company further.

Speaking to this ad specifically, it’s not legit. What set off the first red flag was the compensation: $18-25/hr. Usually market research is paid at a flat rate. For example: a 2-hour focus group that pays $100. I haven’t seen market research studies that pay hourly. So, for me, that seemed a little sketchy.

Clicking on the link, (which has been redacted for other’s safety) it takes you to a website that promotes focus groups…for a fee. So, basically, these people ran an ad trying to seem legit to make you want to purchase their program on how to get market research gigs. *sigh*

Market research companies do advertise on Craigslist and other job boards, simply because they’re constantly trying to find new people for focus groups. The best way to get started is to contact your LOCAL market research companies and get on their list. That way they’ll contact you directly if you meet the needs of their studies. And, (shameless plug) don’t forget about The Work at Home Training Program, which offers legitimate online focus group, mock trial, and market research companies.


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